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Shrink Wrap Films

Clysar® Polyolefin

Across a large range of sectors, shrink wrap film provides security, stability and visual appeal to a wide range of products and packaged goods. Polyolefin, highly popular in food and retail, combines reliable product coverage with strong seals and excellent conformability.

Polyethylene shrink films support a range of bundling and unitizing applications — everything from bottled water to oversized stacks of ceiling tiles. This type of shrink wrap film is also widely used to shield palletized products, boats and other vehicles from exposure to outdoor elements.

There are plenty of reasons your business may want to buy shrink wrap. Whatever your industry, Shorr will partner with you to understand your business goals and then deploy a strategic multifaceted approach. We’re experts at turning wholesale shrink wrap rolls — sourced from only the best manufacturers — into innovative packaging solutions.

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