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Preserving the integrity of your product across storage, handling and shipping is paramount to maintaining brand reputation and customer loyalty. Designed to improve stability and decrease the risk of product damage, ShorrExpress® hand stretch film is an indispensable solution for efficient and secure packaging in manual environments. Available in a broad range of film widths and gauges, this trustworthy product line can meet all of your operational demands.

Formulated specifically to stabilize palletized loads during transport and storage, ShorrExpress® machine stretch film is the right choice for enterprises working with automated or semi-automated environments. Possessing both tear-resistant strength and rapid unwinding attributes, this film is a key feature for any operation that needs efficiency and consistency. As with all of our ShorrExpress® stretch films, machine stretch film is available in multiple specifications to meet all your shipping and storage needs.

ShorrExpress® banding stretch film works hard to bring even the most unwieldy pallets under control. This puncture resistant film is pre-stretched and formulated to cling on one side, leaving the outer layer of the palletized load safe from excessive sticking with neighboring pallets. This innovation guarantees more efficient processing, storage, and higher protection for your product.

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