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All-Purpose HP Gold – This popular, multi-purpose film is widely used for packaging food and other consumer goods. With its high shrink force and strength, this film is well suited for bundling irregular-shaped products.

Low Shrink Force LE Gold – A thin, lightweight polyolefin film that delivers gentle, balanced shrink around products such as paper goods, flexible items, and delicate food products.

Thin LTC All-Purpose – A low-cost, general purpose polyolefin film that works well for box overwraps, bundled or multi-packed items. A great lightweight alternative to polyethylene shrink film.

High-Abuse ShrinkBox® Clear – Delivers premium protection while providing an alternative to corrugated packaging. This tough, clear film is ideal for a wide range of retail products by providing clear visual access while also protecting the product.

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“Wrap Anything” ABL Films – The name says it all: Clysar® ABL is a tough, versatile soft film that’s able to wrap anything, no matter what the product shape or height. Designed for L-bar sealers and applications requiring lower processing temperatures, ABL delivers high all-around shrink and strong seals. The result? Beautiful, crisply wrapped packaging that shines on shelf but is tough enough to resist punctures, tears and pilfering.

Anti-Fog AFG Film for Fresh Produce – Improved Clysar® AFG shrink film delivers superior anti-fog performance in the least amount of time, for premium produce that stands out from the pack.

HPG Confidential Film – Lightweight, strong and silky smooth, Clysar® HPG Confidential is a versatile opaque shrink packaging film with reliable performance, UV-blocking properties and balanced shrink.

EVO™ and EVOX™ Recyclable Shrink Films – Sustainable new Clysar® EVO™ and EVOX™ shrink films are high-performance recyclable packaging films developed using the guidelines of the How2Recycle® program. They are one of the few current polyolefin shrink film structures that qualify for the official How2Recycle Store Drop-Off label.

PHOENIX™ Premium Performance Films – Clysar® PHOENIX™ shrink film is an exceptionally versatile, easy-to-run, new premium performance film with improved clarity and strength. Ideal for almost any shrink packaging application, PHOENIX™ film combines the best of Clysar® polyolefin characteristics. It’s today’s new go-to packaging shrink film.

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