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Label Mill provides a variety of options such as the LM1510 and LM4005 that include options such as: tamp, blow, flag, wipe on, corner wrap, and adjacent panel for label application. Setups for both in-line, automatic applicators or semi-automatic table top units are available.

With a modular configuration, accommodate any type of label – uniquely shaped to square, round, big, or small. Which means these machines can label bottles, cans, pouches, wire, sleeves, boxes, skids, and more.

These high speed label applicators are built to last with servo motors, anodized aluminum and powder coated frames.


Print Applicators like the LM3510 and LM3605 can print directly to cartons with using either a single panel, adjacent panel or corner-wrap method. Most print and apply options can be integrated in an existing network or help create a new solution with new equipment and software.

In many cases, pre-printed labels don’t work. Dynamic information such as, date, time, shift, lot, and batch can be printed just before application on products and cases. With this method, it means less waste with fewer errors and provides up-to-date information.

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Label Mill Label Applicators

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