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Streamline supply chains. Free up floor space. Reduce costs and increase productivity. With intellistock℠, the world’s most intelligent inventory solution, your business can go further. 

Shorr’s proprietary, customizable VMI app delivers on Shorr’s commitment to innovation and collaboration by ensuring businesses have the right packaging products, in the right quantity, at the right time. You’ll benefit from proven, industry-leading technology that provides unparalleled line of sight into the value of packaging inventory and available warehousing space. 

intellistock℠ will reveal what your inventory needs and when. With a dedicated Shorr account manager on your team, your business can unlock big value by optimizing operations and accurately forecasting packaging needs. The result: lean, efficient inventory management that helps you stay ahead of the competition. 

What is intellistock℠?

Inventory, repackaged. intellistock℠ is the best-in-class packaging and supply chain VMI program. It provides Shorr’s customers with a holistic view into their supply chains—visibility that enables businesses to efficiently and seamlessly order packaging materials and products without interruption.

Innovation is in Shorr’s DNA. Other companies may offer VMI products, but our unique approach sets intellistock℠ apart from the competition. It’s the perfect marriage of technology, deep expertise and the collaborative spirit Shorr has built its business around for a century. We designed the app to be accessible across devices and customizable to meet each customer’s unique needs.

The result: continual, incremental value delivered to packaging, supply chain and logistics programs.

A Range of Benefits

Upgrade your business as usual in a variety of ways. Shorr customers look to intellistock to:

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With this industry-leading technology helping to run your operations more intelligently, you'll find it easy to stay ahead of the pack.