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Signode has a range of side seal and bottom seal machines in both semi-automatic and automatic strapping equipment – providing easy, high speed operation, durability, flexibility, and simplified maintenance. With a plethora of add-on options to help you stream line your production, resulting in in overall productivity and throughput increases.

The unitizing, semi-automatic MH-VM side seal strapping machine provides 69 different chute sizes and the option for hot knife or friction-weld sealing. The MOD-GPX bottom seal, carton closure strapping machine is available in both automatic and semi-automatic, industrial grade and stainless steel. Both the MOD-GPX and the MOD-GPX SS can service a wide range of applications such as baling, bundling, carton closure and unitizing.

All Signode designs provide easy access and can be switched out quickly for downtime or maintenance. Some models even provide a “module exchange program”, with replacement equipment for facilities on text day terms.

These strapping machines can utilize 2 types of plastic materials – Contrax® polypropylene and Tenax® polyester. In addition to the line of strapping equipment and automated machines, Signode also has an extensive line of hand tools.

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Signode Strapping Machines

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