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We offer a variety of options, in both colored masking tape and white masking tape, but the tape does vary by grade.

Our economy masking tapes are designed for general-purpose masking and utility applications. Other jobs include light bundling, packaging, labeling and temporary holding. They leave no residue and will not damage surfaces to which they are applied.

Industrial masking tapes offer higher holding strengths and are designed to withstand higher temperatures and adhere to surfaces for longer periods while resisting most solvents. High performance masking tapes offer reliable masking and clean removal from many surfaces during painting, splicing or heavy-duty maintenance. These tapes feature crepe paper backing with rubber adhesive for reliable performance in a wide variety of industrial applications.

And finally, flat back tapes provide positive seals for a variety of jobs including packaging, splicing and tabbing. Other common uses include color-coding and identification applications. These tapes are easily written on, making them ideal for shelf labeling and other labeling tasks.

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