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Available with white or Kraft paper backing, water-activated tapes provide a seamless look and deliver a neat, professional appearance to your cartons. By using water, they reduce the demand for fossil fuels and are a curbside recyclable product.

Plain paper (non-reinforced) tapes provide a strong seal to standard, uniform packages in a variety of light-duty, applications. Food-safe tape is also 100% recyclable.

Recommended: ShorrExpress® Industrial Grade or IPG Central® Brand 160.

Reinforced economy grade tapes (featuring embedded fiberglass yarns) are well suited for top and bottom carton sealing, or to stabilize light or non-unitized loads.

Recommended: ShorrExpress® Economy Grade or Intertape® Brand Medallion or Crowell® Brand Super Seal.

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Industrial grade reinforced tapes offer high-performance and strength for heavy-duty applications.

Recommended: ShorrExpress® Industrial Grade, IPG Central® Brand 240 or IPG Central® Brand 270.

Providing a seal of quality and security, Shorr offers water activated tape products in both non-reinforced and fiberglass reinforced styles. Water activated packing tapes are widely used in a variety of packaging operations including ecommerce, fulfillment and other omni-channel retailing environments.

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