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ShorrExpress® Inflatable Systems simple to operate, compact on-demand air cushion solutions that will enhance both your packaging operation and customer experience. The MINI PAK’R® is the best choice for your protective packaging needs.

  • Save Time: Speed up your packaging process with packaging on-demand. MINI PAK’R® produces dozens of air cushions each minute and reloading is a breeze with RFID technology that automatically adjusts machine settings.
  • Save Space: Work space is valuable, don’t waste it with bulky bubble rolls or bags of packing peanuts. By creating packaging on-demand with the compact MINI PAK’R®, you’ll only need a small space on your pack station to produce virtually unlimited packaging. Each small, easy to store roll of inflatable film produces thousands of feet of protective air cushions.
  • Save Money: The MINI PAK’R® creates lightweight air cushions with air transfer technology to reduce shipping and damage claims. It produces a variety of inflatable cushions that can be used for standard void fill, blocking and bracing, wrapping and cushioning, ensuring your products make it to your customers the same way they left.
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