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Shorr Packaging can help you dramatically increase your product’s presentation to “Wow” your customers with custom packaging solutions. As competition within the subscription service segment grows, the ability to differentiate your brand and increase your market share is essential.

Our designers will help you create the perfect package; inside and out. We start with our team of box designers that find the optimal size, shape, fold, color and print for your product. Beyond the box, Shorr has the expertise and products you’ll need to further delight your customers once they open your box. We elevate the gift experience by providing everything from custom-printed tissue to branded tape and specialty bows.

With you the whole way

Consider all of these options to enhance your subscription packaging:

  • Full-Color Printed Boxes: available in flat, lithography or laminated finishes
  • Interior-Printed Boxes: for your logo or unique message
  • Custom-Printed and Pre-Tied Ribbons: finishes off your look
  • Colorful Sizzle and Crinkle: protects and dresses-up your product
  • Branded Tape: available in water-activated or pressure sensitive
  • Foil and Full-Color Stickers: great for added branding and effect

Shorr Packaging works with every level of your organization to design subscription boxes that complement your products, excite your customers and keep them coming back for more of your items.

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