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Shorr is proud to represent several of STOROpack’s most popular product lines for inflatable, paper or loose fill packaging materials.

The AIRplus® Mini is a reliable, compact air cushioning system that can create air pillows, inflatable bubble, or inflatable cushions. Built for speed and reliable performance, this portable system is compact enough to be placed on a tabletop, yet powerful enough to be integrated into a high-volume packaging line.

PAPERplus® systems employ a unique pleating technology that maximizes use of paper products to create efficient, effective packaging material. PAPERplus® materials are biodegradable, a renewable resource, and made from 100% natural, recycled Kraft paper. Paper pad format options include: Classic paper pads (dense, multilayer paper mattress is resistant to tears, providing extra strength and durability), Chevron cushions (pleated, single layer, large volume paper tubes, highly efficient for void fill purposes), and Shooter paper pads (single layer, lightly structured pads, designed for top-filling cartons).


With you the whole way

PELASPAN PAC® is a flexible, loose flowing pellet-style product made from expandable polystyrene (no CFCs), which makes it 100% recyclable. Formulated to be resistant to temperature changes, moisture and bacteria, PELASPAN can be safely used in food packaging operations.

PELASPAN® BIO is an all-natural loose fill alternative, made from vegetable starches. It is a 100% compostable, water soluble product that can be disposed of in normal waste systems.

Count on Shorr as your experienced partner for STOROpack solutions. Our specialists will help determine which product is the right fit for your packaging application.

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