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We partner with 3M, Intertape Polymer Group, and other leading suppliers to provide tapes with superior tensile and minimal elongation properties. These tapes are extremely popular in the carpet, steel tube and meat packing industries.

Depending on your specific application, we can recommend high-quality tapes such as Scotch® 898 Filament Tape or Intertape® Brand RG12 Filament Tape. For less demanding jobs, Shorr recommends 3M™ 8934 Filament Tape or Intertape® Brand RG300 Filament Tape. These popular tapes are in stock, which means they are available for next day shipment.

Shorr’s product specialists will take the time to understand your entire packaging operation and work with you to recommend the appropriate filament or strapping tape solution for your application.

Your Shorr representative can also provide additional information about manual dispensers, semi-automatic applicators or other fully automatic taping systems such as the 3M-Matic® S867 L-Clip applicator.

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