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Shorr is proud to feature Stretch and Pallet Wrap Machines from these brands:

As the exclusive distributor of Lantech stretch wrap equipment, Shorr is proud to offer the industry-leading company’s semi-automatic, automatic, turntable, straddle and ring wrappers.

Choosing the right stretch wrapping machine to meet your strategic needs can be difficult. Let Shorr professionals innovate your packaging processes by choosing the right stretch wrapper or pallet shrink wrapping machines for your business and budget. Certified and factory-trained, Shorr technicians are standing by to help set up and install your new stretch wrapper equipment.

Quality, Dependable Equipment

There are two basic styles of stretch wrapper to choose from: a turntable stretch wrapper or a straddle stretch wrapper.

A turntable stretch wrapper is a portable piece of equipment designed to wrap the majority of all pallet loads. The load spins around on a turntable and the stretch film is dispensed as the film delivery system moves up and down.

A straddle stretch wrapper rotates around the pallet and distributes the film while the load remains still, making it an ideal choice for unstable loads that could topple while the pallet is rotating or very heavy loads. Straddle stretch pallet wrappers anchor to the floor and take up more floor space than a turntable stretch wrapper.

For unusual or extremely heavy loads that require a consistent, high-wrap force or those that can’t otherwise be pallet wrapped on a turntable-style wrapper, Shorr offers Lantech’s Lan-ringer Automatic Horizontal Stretch Wrapper. This custom-built stretch wrap machine is ideal for high-volume, end-of-the-line wrapping environments.

Lantech’s automatic stretch wrappers provide customers with superior levels of quality and performance and can wrap anywhere from 70 to 200 loads per hour.

For more information on stretch wrappers and pallet wrap machines, contact us today.

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