The Shorr Sustainability Standard

In order to qualify, products must meet specific criteria.

  • Does it align with our EIC framework, while also delivering successfully, by eliminating, innovating, or recirculating a particular resource?
    • Examples of this would be: plastic reduction, water savings, transportation efficiencies, etc.
  • Is the product made from or with recycled content?
  • Is it recyclable, either curbside or store drop-off?
  • Has it received compostable, biodegradable, or other environmental certifications?
sustainable mailer evertec pregis h2r app cable shorr packaging

Pregis EverTec™ Curbside Recyclable Mailer

The EverTec™ mailer is a lightweight, versatile product that lets you ship more items using less space. Durable, functional, and curbside recyclable, it packs tons of value. EverTec offers an efficient alternative to small boxes and eliminates the packaging materials they often require.

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pregis ascent winder renew hc 6626

Pregis AirSpeed® Ascent

Pregis AirSpeed® Ascent™ is a premium high-pressure air cushioning system that produces Pregis AirSpeed® Hybrid Cushioning (HC) for the highest level of product protection. Pregis and Shorr are proud to provide inflatable offerings that are How2Recycle® store drop-off approved.

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Pregis Easypack GeoTerra Product Image

Pregis Easypack® GeoTerra™

Pregis Easypack® GeoTerra™ is a sustainable paper-based packaging solution, which provides light cushioning and interleaving protection. It is ideal for brands that want to protect their products while offering customers a curbside recyclable solution. The GeoTerra pattern nests together locking products into place, providing 6-sided protection that holds without tape.

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Chill R paper

Chill-R IPG

Chill-R is a paper-based curbside recyclable insulation material laminated to “direct food contact” paper to provide a sustainable Cold Chain solution.
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Evo shrink film roll

Clysar® EVO™ Recyclable Shrink Films

Clysar® EVO™ is a sustainable, high-performance recyclable shrink film developed using the guidelines of the How2Recycle® program. It is one of the few current polyolefin shrink film structures that qualify for the official How2Recycle® Store Drop-Off label.

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storopack renature wrap 1024x683

Storopack RENATURE® Wrap

Storopack RENATURE® Wrap is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional bubble wrapping and PE-rolled foam. It is made from plant-based material (reducing demand for fossil fuels) and is certified industrial compostable. Customers can use RENATURE® Wrap in a wide range of applications.

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