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We know there is no single step along the supply chain that can be taken for granted. For this reason our best-in-class ShorrExpress® hand length tapes provide both high quality adhesive and dependable backing materials for day-to-day carton sealing and storage. This combination of reliability and strength protects your operations and allows you to focus on what matters – your end product.

When working in automated environments, efficiency and consistency are vital to success. Our ShorrExpress® machine length tapes offer peace of mind for larger operations that depend on a fast-acting superior adhesive seal. With both economy and industrial grade tapes, we have the versatility to service any organization, whether you require basic or heavy-duty sealing.

Ensuring the highest security of your brand, ShorrExpress® water activated tapes boast an aggressive, tamper-evident seal. This extra-strength bond not only eases worries over product safety, but also delivers an elevated, professional appearance to your packaging – guaranteeing that although you may not be able to control all steps along the supply chain, you can rest assured your product will arrive securely, delivering on the quality your customers expect and deserve.

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