The BEL130 Adjustable Semi-Automatic Case Sealer is a good option for customers looking to transition from a manual to a more automated taping process.

The BEL150 Adjustable Semi-Automatic Case Sealer accommodates a variety of case sizes and can handle up to 30 cases per minute.

With its heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant aluminum frame, the BEL151 Adjustable Semi-Automatic Case Sealer is ideal for demanding environments.

For high production operations, the BEL250 Adjustable Fully-Automatic Case Sealer is highlighted by the Snap Folder flap fold technology.

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Wexxar/BEL Case Sealers

BEL150/SS Adjustable Semi-Auto Case Sealer
BEL151/SS Bottom Adj Semi-Auto Case Sealer
BEL250/SS Adjustable Fully-Auto Case Sealer
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