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With their amazing flexibility, these pieces of equipment make flexible automation affordable and cost-effective. Universal Robot machines are easy to deploy and integrate into almost any production environment, providing a competitive advantage to even small and mid-sized companies. Automation is easily affordable for even the smallest batch production runs and mixed product assembly.


Unlike the limited function, traditional robots, Universal Robot cobots are without the extra associated costs and provide quick, simple setup and effortless programming. The UR cobots provide functional and flexible automation, as they are lightweight and save space with a smaller footprint. Advanced technology allows operators with very little programming experience set up and controls the robotic arm from the easy-to-use touchscreen tablet. The extremely fast setup process reduces initial deployment from weeks to hours.


These collaborative robots provide a flexible and safe automation solution for almost any production task. Making automaton easier and safer, cobots take on the dirty and dangerous tasks, also automating the extremely monotonous, repetitive jobs. Shifting the cobot to another process is fast and straightforward. Simply re-deploy and utilize the Universal Robots for multiple applications and frequent line change-overs; without modifications to production layout, providing the ability to automate even the smallest batch runs.

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Universal Robots - Cobot Arms