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Signode MH-VM Side Seal Strapping Machine

The Signode MH-VM side seal plastic strapping machine provides high speed, reliable operation and reduced downtime. The quick-change module allows for maximum productivity and throughput.

The MH-VM is available in 69 different chute sizes, ideal for most general purpose packaging applications. Select from hot knife sealing (for high speed polypropylene) or friction-weld (for polyester or polypropylene), specifically for applications requiring higher break strengths.

Minimize downtime by utilizing the innovated design that includes separate compact, lightweight feed and seal modules. These can be swtiched out quickly for routine maintenance or help to decease downtime.

Signode MH-VM Features:

  • Quick-change feed and seal modules speed up routine maintenance, minimize downtime
  • Automatic strap loading minimizes operator involvement
  • Automatic re-feed corrects strap malfunctions
  • 50% fewer moving parts than competitive machines reduces servicing costs
  • Easy access guides require no tools for quick cleaning or strap removal
  • Direct drive system for reliable and accurate tension

Signode MH-VM Options:

  • Auxiliary pendant
  • Spare strap feeding and sealing modules
  • Low strap indicator (with light tower)
  • Caster wheel kit with floor locks
  • Foot cycle switch
  • Roller conveyor
  • OEM interlock kit
  • 16″ Dispenser to accommodate larger strap coils
  • Dispenser and feed module can be located away from the chute to accommodate various space and production requirements.

Signode MH-VM Specifications:

  • Production rate: Actual production will vary depending on package size, number of straps, chute size and material handling equipment.
  • Strap feed and take-up speed: 26 feet (7.9 m) per second
  • Strap joining method: Hot knife sealing for polypropylene strapping or SmartWeld™ friction-weld for polyester strapping
  • Strapping: Contrax® polypropylene from 7/16-1/2″ or Tenax® polyester from 3/8-1/2″
  • Tension: Adjustable from 25-200 lbs.
  • Electrical: 120/220 volt, single phase or 230, 400, 460 or 575 volt, three phase, 60 Hz

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