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Shorr Packaging offers Signode’s MOD-GPX strapping machine, featuring a modular design with flexibility and longevity in most general purpose applications.

Machines can be replaced an a quick rate, allowing for upgrades or maintenance, with no disruption to production. For secure and precise alignment, the MOD-GPX includes locator plates, latches and electrical quick-disconnects.

Available in both stainless or industrial grade steel and automatic or semi-automatic configurations, the equipment is perfect for a number of different applications.

The MOD-GPS strapper comes equipped with build-in diagnostics, simplifying troubleshooting and minimizing downtime. HMI (Human Machine Interface) can recognize and identify the key problem areas, helping to find an immediate fix. With the “Module Exchange Program”, machines can be replaced “next day” if your production system needs repair – saving personnel, time and money.

Signode MOD-GPX Features:

  • Patented automatic cut-off and refeed (ACR) automatically ejects misfed strap, rethreads itself and continues strapping.
  • An integrated work light in the accumulator area assists with visual inspections.
  • A unique chute design for consistent feeding.
  • Quick release heat knife assembly to speed up routine maintenance.

Signode MOD-GPX Options:

  • Stainless steel frame
  • Conveyor interlock kit
  • High leg kit
  • Floor lock kit
  • Single compression up to 120 lbs. @ 90 lbs. psi Automatic Cut-off and Refeed
  • Roller top
  • 3-phase power
  • Upstream photo eye
  • Foot switch
  • Low strap indicator

Signode MOD-GPX Specifications:

  • Cycle rate: Up to 70 straps per minute. Actual production will vary depending on package size, chute size and operator dexterity. Maximum package weight: 100 lbs.
  • Maximum applied tension: Up to 200 lbs.
  • Strapping: 5 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm and 12 mm Contrax polypropylene Electrical requirements: 120 volt, 60 Hz
  • Shipping weight: 600 lbs.

Shorr Packaging stands behind all the packaging equipment we represent, with a service network that extends throughout the contiguous U.S.

Our packaging automation specialists offer complete support for equipment selection, integration, installation, training, maintenance, 24/7 emergency service and parts procurement.

All of Shorr’s service technicians are factory certified and dedicated to ensuring that your packaging equipment is always operating at peak performance.

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