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Shorr recently partnered with 1888 Mills, a global manufacturer of home and commercial textiles, to automate and optimize their Griffin, GA facility.

The customer was experiencing labor shortages and was looking to automate their line to redirect employees to higher value-added tasks, allowing them to stabilize their workforce.

A key focus was improving the workflow by combining innovative technologies, integration, and automation.

It was of utmost importance that all equipment and machinery could integrate into one efficient line.

Shorr had the answers the 1888 team was looking for, allowing them to accomplish their short-term goals and immediate needs while setting up the facility for success and future growth; the objective is to double the facility’s output.

This project required many components and seven (7) different companies to come together, something the 1888 Mills team didn’t have the resources for; however, Shorr and their best-in-class suppliers made it possible. Automating the manufacturing line allowed the customer to reduce the workforce needed to operate by more than 67% – showcasing the true power of automation.

It's been impressive watching Shorr work and to coordinate all these manufacturers and all these different fabricators together in one place and on one system. It's been a pleasure watching them and seeing the new system actually come to fruition.​

This was the first big project in automating the Griffin, GA facility. Based on the success of this project, there are other focus areas that 1888 is looking to automate in the future.

The success of this project proves that it is all about listening to the customer’s needs and partnering with each other to build something great.

Sewing Department Manager, David Register, expressed “If I have any problems whatsoever, I call Shorr. Anything on the equipment, I call Shorr. If I need tape, I call Shorr. If I need label (…) I call Shorr. I have one number I call. And that’s Shorr. That’s it.” 

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