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Confection Co Pack end of line

A Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) company was experiencing setbacks in its manufacturing opera-tions due to a packaging bottleneck. Their manufacturer was packing the candy at the end of the line, forcing the line to halt regularly to keep up with the packaging. The CPG approached Shorr to find a solution that allowed the packaging process to move off the production line to resolve the bottleneck. Additionally, the company’s ecommerce business was rapidly growing, which provided a need for more flexibility for flavor production to fulfill online orders. The CPG knew they needed a more
efficient and scalable solution. Shorr leveraged industry expertise and ShorrPack to offer cost-effective co-packing and kitting services.

Facility compliance, including SQF certification, was a must for the customer.

Shorr’s experience and co-packing capabilities delivered impactful results.

Shorr began the partnership with an assessment to identify gaps.
  • Remove the packaging bottleneck from the manufacturing lines
  • Adjust packaging materials to optimize the DIM weight
  • Allow more flexibility in production and packaging
  • Release labor to increase bandwidth on the customer’s team

The ShorrPack team collaborated with the customer to accomplish:

  • Co-packing and kitting needs
  • Inventory management and communication to assist in forecasting
  • Packaging materials
    • Sleeves
    • Labels
    • Inner packs
    • Master packs
  • Reallocated labor to increase bandwidth on the customer’s team
    • Variety kits
    • Holiday and special occasion kits
    • Influencer kits

Working with Shorr allowed the customer to grow the business by expanding their product offering and scaling the business while maintaining demand.

Shorr provides precise insights and statistics that allow for flexible and accurate forecasting.

Shorr helped the customer grow from eight SKUs to 100 in one year.

ShorrPack Case Study Confection Retailer

Increased packing efficiency.
The transition to ShorrPack allowed the CPG to focus on their products and keep up with demands.

Expanded product offering.
Newly available resources were allocated to develop variety kits, holiday and special occasion kits, and influencer kits.

Optimized Packaging.
Re-designing the packaging and adjusting packaging materials enabled optimized DIM weights.

Clearer communication.
Shorr shares insights and data with the customer based on the products they receive and ship, enabling the customer to have more accurate forecasting.

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