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Global Medical Supply Distributor Experiences Healthy Growth Spurt With Shorr Packaging Solutions

OBJECTIVE This large manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies and devices provides product to a variety of large healthcare systems, independent physicians and even at-home patients. Initially, many of their packaging
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Cold-Chain Packaging Solutions

Cold-Chain Packaging is the process of packaging and shipping goods while maintaining a consistent temperature from the manufacturer to the consumer. Shorr Packaging Corp. offers a variety of solutions
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The Benefits Of Poly & Bubble Mailers

Mailers are a great alternative to corrugated boxes; they provide flexibility to ship many items while still protecting the product. Available in many different sizes and various materials, they
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The Benefits Of Sharp Baggers

Increase productivity and accuracy, while reducing labor costs with a Sharp bagger. Find out ways to improve your current processes and uncover common problems when shipping. Bagging machines work
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E-Commerce Returns Best Practices

E-commerce is growing at a tremendous pace, and outpacing traditional in the process. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, e-commerce grew at an incredible 14% in 2014, while traditional retail only