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Mailers are a great alternative to corrugated boxes; they provide flexibility to ship many items while still protecting the product. Available in many different sizes and various materials, they solve many of the challenges attributed with material consumption, labor and shipping costs.

Choosing the right product for your business needs can be difficult. However, if you need help, a Shorr Packaging specialist can help assess your needs and recommend a solution that will best fit your process application. Basic overview below covers the standard poly mailers and bubble mailers; other options, such as: flat chipboard mailers, fold up mailers, etc. are also available.

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Make Up: Poly mailers are made from polyethylene (plastic), almost always made from natural gas and oil. Bubble mailers often contain heavy-duty kraft, ground-up newspapers and bubble lining.

Cost Effective: Both poly and bubble mailers are an economical, cost-effective way to distribute products. It’s also an easy way to minimize the usage of dunnage and void fill, leading to material and cost savings.

Reduces Labor: Mailers are a great way to reduce labor and increase productivity. Utilizing mailers only requires two steps within the packaging process – packing item and sealing, cutting extra time and improving volume output.

Durable Design: Poly mailers feature a tear resistant and puncture resistant design; making them a durable solution. High-performance bubble-lined mailers help create added durability and extra product protection.

Moisture Resistant: Poly mailers provide a waterproof, moisture resistant solution; helping to eliminate product damage.

Strong Adhesive: Both mailers have a strong self-sealing adhesive closure, which helps to save valuable time and keep products secure with added security. Tamper resistant mailers cannot be easily opened and re-sealed without notice.

Bubble Protection: Poly mailers lined with bubble is an option available; helps to easily protect more fragile products. Bubble mailers provide a more rigid option; helping reduce damage that occurs during shipping.

Recyclable: Poly mailers can be recycled; and they often contain post-consumer material. If by design, they can also be reused. Kraft bubble mailers are sustainable, made from recycled paper content; mailers are recyclable.

Lightweight: Both mailer types are significantly lightweight, easy to use and easy to handle.

Compact & Flat: Mailers are much more compact; and store flat, reducing warehouse storage space. As an option that smaller, they take far less material to produce, thus there is far less packaging waste.

Variety of Sizes: Poly and bubble mailers are available in a variety of popular and convenient sizes.

Mil Thickness: Poly mailers can be made more durable or stronger by increasing the thickness and number of layers used.

Easy Writing: Bubble mailers accept labels and direct ink printing; easy to write on with excellent label adhesion. Surface easily accepts ink, stamps and labels.

Custom Branding: Poly mailers can come in a variety of colors and finishes; also easily branded with logos, taglines, and images. Kraft bubble mailers can be customized with the addition of quality images, logos and taglines.

Packing Soft Goods: Standard poly mailers are great for non-fragile, soft goods like apparel, bedding, towels, and non-perishables.

Packing Rigid Items: Bubble lined poly mailers is an option, offering cushioning for low-profile, semi-fragile items. Kraft bubble mailers help prevent damage during shipping for low-profile, semi-fragile items.

Top Industry: Mailers are most used within the ecommerce and retail industry, but are also common and beneficial within other areas as well, such as: medical and pharmaceutical.