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Shorr now offers a new machine-grade, acrylic tape to its exclusive, private-label ShorrExpress carton sealing tape lineup. This ShorrExpress AC Industrial tape is backed with the Rohm and Haas, long-lasting acrylic adhesive, popular for carton sealing throughout industrial and commercial industries. With a fast sticking performance and a higher shear strength, this BOPP (biaxially-oriented polypropylene) film coated with pressure-sensitive water based acrylic adhesive makes for a stronger than average shipping tape, allowing for an evenly controlled, easier and smoother application.

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ShorrExpress “AC Industrial” is the only SE machine grade, acrylic tape that includes the Rohm and Haas adhesive within the ShorrExpress family; provided in a 2mil thickness and offered in a 48mm or 72mm width. With its extensive temperature tolerance and excellent moisture resistance, this SE industrial tape out performs most other acrylic blends in extreme temperatures; and it’s a popular choice for any box sealing setup where improved clarity is needed and weathering, aging, yellowing and UV light are imperative. The transparent quality of the CST adhesive makes any printed graphics, inventory numbers or barcodes easy to read.

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By utilizing the Rohm and Haas adhesive, this acrylic carton tape holds additional features and benefits, including: a lower aroma over other blends, better dispensing on tape heads, a high shear strength to prevent flagging and less adhesive build up, ensuring a cleaner run on case sealing equipment. With a more controlled, consistent quality, both of these Shorr Express utility tapes are able to provide a high-quality, superior box sealing performance; presenting the ability to seal cartons at a high production speed.