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Cold-Chain Packaging is the process of packaging and shipping goods while maintaining a consistent temperature from the manufacturer to the consumer. Shorr Packaging Corp. offers a variety of solutions for Cold-Chain Packaging. These product solutions are primarily designed for, but not limited to, the pharmaceuticalmedical device, and food industries.

We partner with several industry leaders that specialize in Cold-Chain Solutions to ensure our shipping container systems are designed and tested to transport your temperature-sensitive products with and without the need for additional refrigeration. Our Cold-Chain Packaging solutions are not only sustainable, but they ensure your products are temperature-controlled throughout the whole shipping process.

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Gel Packs & Ice Bricks:

Gel packs and bricks are food-grade and safe to ship, keeping perishables and temperature-sensitive products in “as shipped” condition of ambient or frozen in a variety of sizes. They are reusable and moldable when thawed. Options are also available in eco-friendly, drain-safe options with a recyclable film. Customization is also available to meet your needs.

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Flexible & Rigid Box Liners:

Box liners keep your products cool or frozen, resist odor and leakage, and provide the most customizable options for branding and sizes. They are available in paper fiber, PET, EPS, cotton, or foil and can be used with gels packs, ice bricks, and dry ice. These can be used with or without additional thermal barrier bags. Thermal box liners can be shipped flat to save storage space over standard EPS coolers or assembled in cartons if you choose. These are ideal for a wide range of products.

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Shipper coolers are a reliable and economical choice for shipping all types of perishable materials. Available in EPS (expanded polystyrene) or a variety of eco-friendly foams that are engineered to create an insulating barrier within a corrugated container. Both options offer 72-hours of thermal protection and are great for most food and pharmaceutical applications.

Our eco-friendly foam options are biodegradable and 100% curbside recyclable. The EPS coolers are recyclable through EPS recycling stations.


Insulated Mailers:

Insulated mailers keep products protected and cold. They are available in thermal foil, cotton or eco-friendly foam-lined materials; they save storage and shipping space over traditional EPS shippers. Thermal mailers can be used with or without gel packs and are ideal for 24-48 hour shipments of medical and food products.

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Insulated Packaging Systems:

Pallet-sized, insulated packaging systems are durable and great for protecting bulk loads of refrigerated and frozen products. These products provide multi-day performance and are independently ISTA certified with laboratory testing. They are ideal for 3PL and Cold-Chain shipments with LTL freight trucking, rail, or overseas deliveries. Available in single or multi-trip reusable options.

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Temperature Indicators:

These devices are designed to help shippers identify and correct gaps in their cold chain by alerting them or clients to tamper or exposure to unacceptable conditions. Indicators are available in single or multi-use, time-temperature, humidity, and all-inclusive options.

Contract Packaging:

In addition to our cold-chain materials, we also offer a contract packaging solution. Our kitting and assembly experts can help you reduce labor expenses, workplace hazards or other risks, and free up storage and warehouse space in your facility. Our capabilities include:

•  Custom Packaging & Design
•  Cooler Kitting / Assembly
•  Freezer Warehousing
•  Order Fulfillment
•  Logistics /Managed Transportation
•  On-Site Staffing

We can help design packaging to comply with mandatory guidelines, while also creating a unique design customized to your business and products. 

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Shorr is a premium, full-service packaging partner with an unmatched ability to optimize holistic supply chain processes, differentiate brands from their competition, and accelerate client growth. Our comprehensive programs, integrated solutions, and automated packaging systems will transform your packaging operation by holistically addressing all areas of packaging—from design through inventory and life-cycle management.