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This large manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies and devices provides product to a variety of large healthcare systems, independent physicians and even at-home patients. Initially, many of their packaging options were done manually. In order to grow and efficiently meet consumer demand,  they needed to find a packaging partner who could automate their complex system. In addition to bandwidth concerns, some of the customer’s more sensitive products—such as medicines that require temperature control—needed advanced shipping solutions. Most importantly, this medical supplier needed  
a full-service packaging partner who understood the life sciences sector and could meet their needs on a massive scale.


Over the last decade, the experts at Shorr have applied extensive streamlining solutions to the customer’s manufacturing, packaging and distribution processes. Shorr implemented stretch film, tape, bundlers and void fill products—along with innovative equipment for application such as Lantech stretch wrappers, 3M Case sealers and an APM shrink bundler—to automate packaging in their production facility. Along with materials and equipment, Shorr provides service to that equipment in all of the customer’s distribution centers ranging in  size from 200,000-1.2 million square feet across the U.S. and Mexico.  Most recently, Shorr created a sustainable solution for shipping temperature-sensitive medicine to at-home customers using corrugated coolers with recycled PET insulated walls.


The success of this partnership is driven largely by Shorr’s ability to apply large-scale holistic solutions while complying with the strict standards of the life sciences industry. After a decade of collaboration, Shorr Packaging provides the ultimate efficiency—shipping to all 52 distribution centers within a five-day ship point (though usually it’s done in two days)—a feat no other supplier has accomplished yet. By employing the Storopack system nationwide, this medical supplier can package shipments faster, saving money and increasing through-put for their ever-evolving business. 


Ready to see how Shorr packaging can help your organization streamline processes, increase throughput, consolidate vendor networks, and innovate its packaging? Give us a call today.

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