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For more than 125 years, this customer has built a reputation for supplying prime USDA beef plus a variety of other exceptional meats and seafood by operating under the highest standards. As their e-commerce business expanded nationwide, the client needed a packaging and distribution partner with the same commitment to excellence. Their rapid growth presented challenges of limited time and space. They needed a partner to not only erect coolers but store them until being shipped. Also, increased distribution meant increased environmental concerns about shipping materials. While EPS coolers were the common and affordable option, their customers expressed a desire for more sustainable options.


Before Shorr, the customer primarily served Chicago’s restaurant market and manually managed the distribution of their products (packaging their own materials, assembling their own EPS coolers and storing them at their facility). With the help of Shorr, they automated packaging in their processing facility and shipping/distribution processes. Now, Shorr sources packaging materials, erects corrugated boxes, inserts recycled PET insulated panels, palletizes and shrink wraps various coolers, plus stores and ships them just in time. Shorr provides year-round support, with additional seven-day-per-week support during the peak holiday season.


Shorr’s ability to manage the packaging process from start to finish has been instrumental to ensuring the shipped food has maintained the integrity of this meat retailer’s brand. From just-in-time delivery, to automated assembly, exceptional packaging for ultimate cooler performance—plus, sourcing sustainable products—Shorr has saved them considerable time, effort and money over years. Shorr’s parallel commitment to quality and food industry standards have allowed this customer to continue with expansion, without compromising their extremely high standards.


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