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Shorr is a national leader in full-service packaging solutions. We are proud to have been one of the first distributors of 3M’s industrial tapes and case sealing systems. The 3M Company has a worldwide reputation for quality, reliability, value, and innovative products, making them a natural collaborator for Shorr. Together, we offer turnkey solutions for automated operations as well as a wide variety of tape and adhesive products to meet your unique needs, whatever the industry.

One such instance occurred recently, when an American sportswear retailer was suffering costly setbacks due to inefficient packaging practices. It needed cost-saving changes – and quickly. After a comprehensive audit, Shorr identified significant challenges surrounding the customer’s tape usage. Knowing a full-court press only works with all hands on deck, we tapped top-tier supplier 3M to help deliver a win to this retailer.

Together, we developed multi-pronged solutions and strategies to improve efficiency in both brick-and-mortar locations and distribution centers alike. The result? Leveraging the high-quality 3M tapes allowed for a 35% reduction in packaging tape usage, leading to a 30% reduction in material costs for the customer.

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Scotch® Box Sealing Tapes​

Scotch® Box Sealing Tapes are easy to handle and maintain their performance and appearance for a tight seal in even the coldest and dampest of environments. The high-performance industrial packaging tapes are ideal for box sealing, splicing, and other demanding packaging applications. The powerful seal allows the tapes to adhere to highly recycled corrugated fiberboard boxes. The backing easily conforms around edges and on rough surfaces to provide a lasting hold. With quick adhesion and durable backing, these sealing tapes are built with the features necessary to maintain high performance in tough environments. Quickly and easily apply Scotch® Box Sealing Tape 311+, 371+ or 375+ by hand, using a manual dispenser or a 3M-Matic™ Case Sealer.


3M-Matic™ Case Sealers & Tape Dispensers​

3M Tape Dispensers and 3M-Matic™ Case Sealers are designed to securely seal your packages. From semi-automatic to fully automatic systems—featuring random and adjustable styles—3M-Matic™ Case Sealers are designed to streamline your carton closure processes and decrease packaging costs. Manual Tape Dispensers are designed to easily dispense box sealing, filament, film, label protection, and pouch tapes.

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3M Tape Systems Agreement Program

The 3M Tape Systems Agreement Program allows you to save on your packaging tape purchases and accelerate the return on your 3M-Matic™ or Combi Packaging Systems equipment investment. With a 3M Systems Agreement, you can earn cash rebates, get free parts and/or tape heads for your case sealers, earn credit toward a new machine, and take advantage of the added benefit of our expert service team who will work with you to help you identify, quantify, and realize savings.

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Other Relevant Products

Shorr Packaging also supplies a wide range of other 3M tapes, including duct, cloth, foil, floor-marking, vinyl, double-coated, electrical, adhesive transfer, and security, as well as weld epoxy and aerosol adhesives. We maintain large inventories of hand- and machine-grade case sealing tape at all our locations, most of which are available with custom printing to add security or enhance brand recognition.

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