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An American sportswear retailer was suffering from setbacks in its packaging operations that were adding up in company materials and labor. The retailer knew they needed a more efficient and sustainable solution – and fast. In addition, it was looking to improve its ship-from-store solution, which was bogged down by slow order processing times. Shorr leveraged its industry expertise and relationships with best-in-class suppliers to implement efficient packaging practices at the customer’s brick-and-mortar locations and distribution centers alike. At the same time, it employed a multipronged strategy to improve in-store processes on the front lines.

Reduced packaging tape usage by 35%.

Shorr’s experience and collaboration with 3M, a trusted partner, delivered impactful results.

The relationship began with a detailed audit performed by Shorr’s packaging experts.
The audit included:
  • A comprehensive analysis of the retailer’s packaging processes to identify gaps and manage costs
  • A strategy and custom plan to drive long-lasting improvements in efficiency and sustainability
The audit revealed major challenges surrounding the customer’s tape usage, so Shorr’s packaging experts worked with 3M, a top-tier supplier, to find a solution.
  • Shorr determined that the retailer had to use 127” of 2”-wide, subpar tape to keep the boxes shut during transport.
  • This was not just a cost issue but also a sustainability one.
Shorr collaborated with 3M to convert all locations to the premium Scotch® High Tack Box Sealing Tape 311+.
  • The switch to the high-quality, 3”-wide tape reduced tape usage by 35%, which contributed to a 30% decrease in material costs.
  • The comprehensive strategy extended to the retailer’s corrugated boxes, which were updated to include a printed visualization to indicate where the tape should begin and end. This ensured a repeatable and scalable process for the customer.

Reduced material costs by 30%

Shorr and 3M partnered to develop a strategy that prioritized four key results for the customer.

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Increased packing efficiency.
The transition to the wider, stronger adhesive tape decreased the amount of product needed by 35%, resulting in a much more sustainable solution.

Cost savings.
Converting all store locations and distribution centers to the wider, high-quality tape saved the customer 30% in material costs.

Ship-from-store improvements.
After equipping store locations with 3M’s 311+ tape, tape dispensers, and upgraded corrugated boxes and proposing a more efficient way to process orders at the store level, the sportswear retailer was able to greatly reduce the labor time needed per order. This also allowed for improved output.

Clearer communication.
Previously, the customer used printed tape with warning labels to indicate whether a box had been tampered with. The stronger, clear 311+ tape helped employees recognize which boxes needed to be investigated further. The tape’s adhesive is so strong that it is impossible to remove without tearing off layers of the corrugated cardboard, making it easier to notice if a box has been tampered with.

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