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A food company was tasked with permanently increasing efficiency and output, a long-term solution was needed. Shorr and APT Manufacturing Solutions worked together closely to integrate a MOD-PAL® palletizing robot and automate a variety of equipment, making the entire line more efficient. This project was so successful that the food customer invited Shorr and APT back to install a second, optimized line, including a second palletizing robot.

36% labor reduction

See how Shorr joined forces with an experienced integrator.

The Shorr and APT teams worked closely with the food customer to identify areas of improvement:

  • Automate the packaging process to increase efficiency
  • Integrate a palletizing robot into the operation
  • Create a lean operation

Shorr helped implement the 5S’s, a five-step system for creating a more organized and productive workspace.

  • Sort
  • Straighten
  • Shine
  • Standardize
  • Sustain
“APT’s relationship with the Shorr Packaging Group provides a winning formula for success. Shorr is able to intimately understand the customer packaging process, and APT can focus on the fine details of building excellent equipment. The result – the customer wins!”

– Tony Nighswander, President, APT Manufacturing Solutions

Shorr Packaging and APT - A partnership that drives results.

As the result of our partnership, Shorr and APT helped the food customer significantly increase output, reallocate labor that was previously needed, and ensure the facility operates at a profit.

Packaging efficiency.
Transitioning to the new, lean system allowed the customer to automate their lines. This sped up packing, decreased downtime and eliminated human error.

Labor reallocation.
The automated lines allowed the customer to reallocate some of the labor previously needed to run the lines manually. This allowed the customer to reduce staff on the lines by more than 36%.

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Created a model operation.
Implementing the lean process, integrating the MOD-PAL® palletizing robots and automating the lines enabled the facility to operate more efficiently. Showing the improved processes inspired the customer to model other sites after this success.

APT is ISO 9001:2015 Certified, and RIA Safety Certified for Robotic Integration.

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