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We are proud to announce we were just awarded the 2021 Pregis Preserve Award as well as the 2021 Pregis Inspyre Award for our commitment to sustainability and the planet.

What Are the Pregis Purpose Awards?

The Pregis Purpose Awards are built on a set of actionable, measurable goals Pregis hopes to achieve over the next decade. These awards were created to recognize and honor those partners who share their dedication to sustainability initiatives and practices, corporate stewardship, and community improvement.

The 2021 Pregis Preserve Award

The 2021 Pregis Preserve Award celebrates our role in protecting the forests of the world. By providing our customers 100% recycled paper packaging Shorr was able to save over 10,000 trees from harvest last year, capturing over 480,000 lbs. of CO2.

Saving trees creates positive ripples that have an outsized impact on climate, pollution control, and quality of life. Scientists estimate that every mature tree absorbs 48 pounds of CO2 every year. Every tree  plays a vital role in reducing carbon in the atmosphere, providing clean oxygen, and sustaining our ecosystem.

Pregis Badges Preserve 2021 10000

The 2021 Pregis Inspyre Award

Pregis Inspyre 100 Badges 2021

The 2021 Pregis Inspyre Award recognizes Shorr’s role in supporting the Uzima Clean Water Mission, a non-profit organization that provides water filters to people in Africa, Central America, and Asia, providing access to clean drinking water for 100 people around the world. 

Lack of clean drinking water impacts one 1 of every 9 people across the world. Uzima dedicates every day to eradicating waterborne disease, improving economic conditions, advancing gender equality, and improving the quality of life among the world’s most vulnerable communities.

A Range of Possibilities

Years of experience supporting customers have shown us that sustainability is not a single-step action— it’s a continual, multidimensional improvement process and commitment. 
When you partner with Shorr, our specialists will help reduce your environmental impact by looking at the entire life cycle of your products—from the initial packaging process through warehouse storage and delivery to customers.

Would you like to learn more about our sustainability initiatives? Give us a call! (888) 885-0055