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Consumer focus on sustainable packaging and sustainable shopping is accelerating – and brands across all industries should be prepared to address the demand.

Data from Shorr’s The 2022 Sustainable Packaging Consumer Report, which looks at results from a survey of 1,113 U.S. consumers, highlights that 76% of the shoppers surveyed have made a conscious effort to purchase more sustainable products in the past year. In fact, 86% of the consumers surveyed are more likely to purchase a product from a brand or retailer if the packaging is considered sustainable.

Additionally, 77% of the consumers surveyed expect more brands/retailers to offer 100% sustainable packaging for their products in the near future. As an award-winning sustainable packaging company, Shorr is committed to helping brands innovate their packaging to meet the growing demand. This report illustrates how consumers are currently thinking about sustainable packaging and showcases how purchasing decisions are being impacted by a product’s sustainability – creating opportunities for brands to win market share by augmenting their packaging. For more information on Shorr’s sustainable packaging solutions, click here.

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The current demand for sustainable packaging is clear, with 57% of respondents stating they have made more of an effort to purchase sustainable products/products with sustainable packaging over the course of the pandemic.

Specifically, sustainable packaging plays a significant role in purchasing decisions – with 64% of respondents stating that sustainable packaging is a factor in their current product selection process.

Not having products with sustainable packaging is seemingly costing brands as well, with 59% of respondents stating they have consciously chosen to purchase certain products over others due to those particular products having sustainable packaging. Younger consumers, according to the survey, are more inclined to choose certain products over others based on their sustainable packaging.

Breakdown by Age:

  • 18–29: 69%
  • 30–44: 62%
  • 45–60: 55%
  • >60: 50%

Of the consumers surveyed, 68% would be open to switching from a brand that they’re typically loyal to in order to purchase another brand because they offer sustainable packaging. 47% of respondents have purchased a product from a competing brand (a brand they wouldn’t normally purchase) because they offer sustainable packaging. Again, the survey found that younger consumers are more likely to purchase competing brands because they offer sustainable packaging.

Breakdown by Age:

  • 18–29: 56%
  • 30–44: 52%
  • 45–60: 41%
  • >60: 39%

Despite recent price increases in some consumer goods, 47% of respondents stated they are willing to pay more money for a product that offers sustainable packaging – providing opportunities for brands to offset the cost of augmenting their packaging and win market share. 60% of the consumers surveyed stated they are “very likely” or “likely” to continue purchasing multiple products from a company/brand due to that company/brand utilizing sustainable packaging for their products.

According to the data, packaging that is clearly labeled as sustainable is resonating with consumers. In fact, more than 1 in 3 survey respondents stated they have avoided purchasing a product because the packaging was not labeled as sustainable – creating missed opportunities for consumer brands. Further proving that the labeling of sustainable packaging is important to consumers, 69% of respondents stated that they are more likely to purchase a product when there’s clear language/symbols on product packaging that states the product uses sustainable materials within its packaging. Shorr’s EverTec recyclable mailer is an example of clearly labeled packaging that can be recycled easily.

Of the consumers surveyed, 63% are “extremely” or “very” concerned about the environmental impact of packaging. This was more than corroborated by the 89% of respondents who believe it’s “very” or “somewhat” important that the packaging of the products they purchase is recyclable.

Shoppers appear to want to hold brands accountable as well, with 63% of respondents stating they’re more likely to purchase products from a brand that has publicly announced sustainability goals and initiatives vs. brands that have not. In fact, 82% of respondents consider themselves either “very” or “somewhat” aware of the sustainability goals of the brands that they typically purchase.

The most important factors for consumers when considering the environmental impact of packaging while shopping:

  • 64%: The packaging can be recycled.
  • 60%: The packaging is made from recycled material.
  • 60%: The packaging is minimal (not overabundant).
  • 45%: The packaging is biodegradable.
  • 28%: The packaging is paper-based.

The most important factors for consumers around sustainability when shopping:

  • 63%: The brand uses as little packaging as possible.
  • 56%: The brand uses recycled packaging.
  • 51%: The brand has reduced plastic packaging.
  • 31%: The brand uses paper packaging.

Consumer sentiment for brands and products can play an important role in their purchase journey. Below are the industries that respondents believe are doing a good job using sustainable packaging for their products:

  • 59%: Food/packaged goods
  • 42%: Beauty/cosmetics
  • 35%: Cleaning products
  • 28%: Apparel/clothing
  • 21%: Pharma/medical
  • 20%: Electronics/tech
  • 19%: Alcohol/wine
  • 16%: Auto
  • 14%: Toys/games

Given the data that our report highlights, there’s no question that consumers are beginning to expect brands to evolve their packaging in ways that align with consumer sentiment around sustainability – with packaging playing a large role in customers’ purchasing decisions. For brands looking to augment their packaging to win market share and delight their customers, contact one of Shorr’s packaging experts today.

Survey Methodology

Total respondents: 1,113
Margin of error: +/- 2.997%
Country: United States (USA)
Region: All Regions
Gender: All Genders
Gender balancing: Census
Age of respondents: 18–99+
Age balancing: Basic Census

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