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EverTec tear strip couch

The Pregis EverTec mailer makes it easy for your customers to recycle their packaging right at the curb and offers proven protection with a strong and lightweight design.

 The EverTec is also a great option for replacing those hard-to-find, small boxes. With this mailer, you can ship more items using less space, while protecting your products from damage and increasing your packing speeds.

EverTec Highlights in Numbers

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Faster than manual box assembly & packing

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Of the cost and effort of manual box applications and freight

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Curbside recyclable

This durable, curbside recyclable mailer unlocks the power of paper. It’s a cost-competitive mailer with curbside recyclability for everything e-commerce. EverTec offers an efficient alternative to small boxes and eliminates the packaging materials they often require. 

EverTec offers:

  • Premium damage protection – Cushions the package for high-impact resistance
  • Right-sized for shipping – Available in five sizes to accommodate a wide range of items
  • Ultra-efficient box replacement – Reduces cost and effort to increase warehouse efficiency
  • Durable performance – Highly puncture-resistant, with flexible “give” to protect products
  • Easy to recycle – Restart the cycle of green shipping by placing the mailer directly into recycling bins
  • True “Evergreen” solution – Reduces landfill waste from damaged items, creating a circular recycling stream

Recyclability & Environmental Certifications

WMU Recycle Icon
WMU Certified
The Pregis EverTec mailer was evaluated for recyclability using the Western Michigan University Old Corrugated Container Equivalency test protocol, certified by the Fiber Boxboard Association and classified as widely recyclable.
Ho2Recycle Icon
H2R Certified
How2Recycle® aims to ensure more recyclable materials make it in the recycling bin, with the implementation of clear labeling. Due to Pregis EverTec recyclability, H2R issued a widely recyclable label.
SFI Icon
SFI COC Certified

Sustainable Forestry Initiative chain-of-custody certification tracks the percentage of fiber from certified forests, certified sourcing, and post-consumer recycled content. The SFI certification ensures Pregis EverTec is made from responsible sources.


EverTec Brochure

Fully Curbside Recyclable. Goes Everywhere Boxes Can’t.

Durable Design with Proven Reduction in Damage

Water/Leak and Moisture Tests


No evidence of liquid or moisture from the outside in or the inside out.

Water/Leak and Moisture tests prove that the EverTec mailer holds up rain or shine with equal performance to a corrugated box and contains internal liquids when necessary.

Drop, Vibration, and Field Tests


No damage on the inside or outside of the mailer.

Drop, Vibration and Field tests demonstrate extremely high durability protecting products through all delivery scenarios.

Volume/Capacity Test


Packaging protected and withheld capacity across all volumes tested.

Volume tests demonstrate that the EverTec mailer is a reliable and cost-efficient box replacement for products that typically ship in boxes less than 500 cubic inches.

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