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A medical device manufacturer was looking to manage packaging materials at their 3PL partner by optimizing on-hand inventory and reviewing current material capabilities. Shorr streamlined the customer’s inventory which decreased the need for warehousing space by 50%. In addition, Shorr’s packaging specialists reviewed the materials to ensure the packaging not only protected the product but also met the manufacturer’s sustainability standards.

Reduced the number of pallets stored at 3PL by 50%

Shorr’s expertise in supply chain management and sustainability yielded substantial results.

Shorr’s packaging expert collaborated with the customer to:

  • Manage packaging materials stored at their 3PL fulfillment partners located in the midwest, west coast, and east coast.
  • Decrease warehousing space needed to store inventory.
  • Evaluate current materials to balance performance and sustainability.

Shorr’s unparrelled knowledge and consultative approach deliver custom solutions.

Our packaging specialists implemented intellistock, enabling reporting to provide a holistic view into the customer’s supply chain. This allowed Shorr to remove excess inventory while also ensuring the customer never runs out of product. Together with the medical device manufacturer sustainable solutions were explored and indentified to align with their sustainability efforts. A transition from resin and poly-based products to paper alternatives resulted in a more compostable solution compared to plastics. In addition, rightsizing corrugated packaging optimized dimensional (DIM) weight and reduced materials needed for successful delivery

Optimizing for DIM weight enabled the customer to use space more efficiently.

Shorr and the medical device manufacturer partnered to:


Reduce onsite inventory and prevent stockouts
Shorr’s inventory management solution, intellistock, provides a holistic view of the customer’s supply chain. By utilizing the reporting included in intellistock, the customer was able to remove excess inventory, while also ensuring stockout prevention.

Increase sustainability
Through incremental sustainability improvements such as transitioning from resin and poly-based products to paper alternatives, the customer was able to switch to a more compostable solution.

Optimize DIM weight
DIM weight is a significant factor in shipping, transport, and freight as it allows carriers to calculate the charge for the actual space consumed by packages. By optimizing for DIM weight, the customer was able to reduce the materials needed and utilize their warehouse space more efficiently.

Increase successful delivery
The customer was incurring a significant amount of damage to products during transit. Shorr engineered a kitting solution to streamline packaging and ensure successful delivery.

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