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Shorr approached a longtime customer and global leader in powersports to help with their supply chain management. Shorr’s industry expertise and vendor managed inventory solution, intellistock, provides usage data and trends allowing the customer to eliminate out-of-stock supplies and to decrease on-hand inventory which has reduced the needed storage space for packaging and processing supplies.

intellistock provides reporting to right-size inventory.

Hear what the customer has to say:

"Shorr’s intellistock solution has been a great addition to our supply management process. intellistock has reduced the time it takes our team to order supplies. Having access to usage data and trends has allowed us to eliminate out-of-stock supplies and decrease our on-hand inventory which has reduced the needed storage space for our packaging and processing supplies. Having Shorr on-site regularly has given them a greater understanding of our operation, which has helped us partner with them to find better packaging solutions and process designs to improve our operation and the service we provide to our customers"

Shorr’s experience and intellistock solution delivered impactful results.

Why intellistock?

Inventory, repackaged. intellistock is the best-in-class packaging and supply chain VMI program. It provides Shorr’s customers with a holistic view into their supply chains—visibility that enables businesses to efficiently and seamlessly order packaging materials and products without interruption.

Our specially trained team collaborated with the customer to:

  • Reduce on-hand inventory
  • Reallocate employees to high value positions
  • Reduce packaging inventory space in the warehouse
  • Provide reporting on consumption to aide in forecasting and planning
Unparalleled line of sight into the value of packaging inventory and available warehouse space.

intellistock Key Benefits

  • Streamline inventory management and order fulfillment
  • Improve cross-organizational collaboration
  • Align business objectives and optimize operations
  • Gain unparalleled line of sight into current inventory
  • Improve order accuracy
  • Drastically reduce rework

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