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A large eCommerce company called upon Shorr to help decrease shipping costs by 10%. The customer’s initial idea was to continue using corrugated cartons and focus on reducing the cost of air pillows, however, the final outcome was much different.

The Shorr and Pregis teams collaborated closely to find a unique solution that eventually surpassed the initial expectations of the company. Switching the corrugated boxes for Pregis EverTec mailers initiated a domino effect that would see costs lowered in various other areas of the business.

The transition to durable yet lightweight mailer helped the company reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by

See why Shorr is the ideal partner for eCommerce solutions.

Shorr’s experience and collaboration with Pregis, a trusted partner, delivered impactful results.

Shorr and Pregis partnered to conduct a full audit including:

  • A comprehensive analysis of the company’s picking and packaging processes
  • A strategy and custom plan to drive long-term improvements in efficiency and sustainability

After the audit, the Shorr and Pregis teams concluded the corrugated boxes in use could be switched for the Pregis EverTec mailer.

The use of Pregis EverTec mailers initiated a domino effect of cost savings throughout other areas of the business. The domino effect would allow for a greater cost reduction than even the company had envisioned.

By replacing the corrugated boxes with various sizes of the Pregis EverTec mailer, the company was able to better utilize their freight shipments.

Traditionally, they picked orders just-in-time, packed them in corrugated boxes in their distribution center in Los Angeles, and purchased space on commercial flights out of LAX to ship the products to their local facility in Asia.

The transition to EverTec resulted in a 304% freight cost reduction.

Shorr and Pregis partnered to help guide the eCommerce company to:

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Reduce dimensional weight (DIM weight) for shipments. By reducing the physical size of the packaging solution in use, the eCommerce company can fit about twice as many products in the same shipment as before.

Improve throughput by packing products quicker – about four times as many as before – thanks to the flexibility and side-load feature of the EverTec mailer.

The transition to durable, yet lightweight, mailers helped the business reduce greenhouse gas (GHS) emissions by 73% through.

Unit costs of an EverTec mailer were lower in all instances than the unit costs of the previously used corrugated boxes. Cost savings of 22-70% were realized based on the sizes.

The EverTec mailer allowed packers to cut the cost and effort of their previously manual box application and freight in half.

EverTec mailers allow for:
  • Optimized DIM weight
  • Signi­cant reduction in material usage
  • Ability to pack more mailers
  • More throughput with the ability to pack EverTec mailers faster
  • More economical cost per unit than the combined cost of corrugated boxes and void ­fill
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