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A manufacturer of heavy-duty power tools was looking to reduce their total carbon dioxide emissions 60% by 2030. To achieve the goal, the manufacturer understood they needed more sustainable and efficient packaging solutions. In addition, they were experiencing issues with their international cargo loads. The loads were packed poorly causing products to shift and spill leading to unnecessary costs in damages. Shorr leveraged its industry expertise and supplier relationships, as well as Shorr’s private label brand, ShorrExpress®, to implement efficient packaging practices.

Reduced material cost by 30%

Shorr’s experience and industry expertise delivered long-term results.

The relationship began with a discussion that addressed the following needs:

  • A strategy to drive long-lasting improvements in efficiency and sustainability.
  • A secure way to pack international loads traveling by cargo ship.

Shorr’s packaging experts collaborated with trusted suppliers to bring in the most effective materials.

Through testing it became clear that the AIRPlus® air pillows and RENATURE® wrap from Storopack were the best-performing options for the customer’s goals to wrap, fully brace, and support the shipments, for both of ground and LTL (less-than-truckload) shipments. AIRPlus pillows are optimal protective packaging for sensitive products while RENATURE wrap offers versatile protection made from starch derived from renewable resources.

Shorr assisted the customer in right-sizing shipments and reducing the packaging materials needed.

Shorr helped right-size the dunnage bags and implemented perforated honeycomb along with custom-designed gaylord boxes to ensure secure packing for the customer’s international shipments.
Additionally, Shorr brought in a trusted vendor to train the customer’s employees on how to properly leverage the materials and secure cargo loads.

We are here for our customers every step of the way as they embark on their sustainability journey.

Shorr and the power tool manufacturer partnered to:


Shorr Sustainability
Shorr worked with the manufacturer to choose products that were aligned with their sustainability goals. In turn, the customer was able to reduce their environmental footprint by replacing their current products with more eco-friendly solutions.

Maximize efficiency with a stretch film analysis
Shorr’s packaging experts performed a stretch film analysis providing the customer with a performance report of their current film including total cost of ownership (TOC) and the film’s load holding force. The load holding force determines whether your film will ensure that you have the right film for the job. TOC accounts for the cost of the stretch film used and the labor required to stretch wrap your loads. Through this analysis, the solution was our private label, ShorrExpress. The ShorrExpress hand and machine film provided the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for the customer.

With You the Whole Way
Shorr helped the customer prevent damage during international shipments by right-sizing dunnage bags, implementing perforated honeycomb, and designing a custom galyord box. Shorr’s relationship with industry-leading vendors helped the customer by training on securing cargo loads, which resulted in a decrease in damaged goods.

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Shorr Sustainability