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History of Shorr Packaging

For over 90 years, Shorr Packaging Corp. has been providing its customers with products and services designed to deliver the best packaging solutions to our customers. Steeped in the tradition of a family business and coupled with an ongoing focus on innovation and progress, Shorr proudly offers its customers a unique combination of in-depth business knowledge and personal service.

Our roots began humbly in the 1920s with a small sales company—whose primary lines included paper bags, janitorial supplies, candy, chewing gum and notions.

1922: Al Weingardner, Ken Dusell, and Al Richmond formed the Northern Illinois Candy Company.
1923: The Northern Illinois Candy Company merged with the F. G. Watts Paper Company to become the Illinois Wholesale Company, Inc.
1928: Bob Shapiro sold his general store in Hinckley, Illinois and purchased the Illinois Wholesale Company, retaining Al Richmond as a salesman.
1932: The Illinois Wholesale Company moved from West New York Street to 74 North LaSalle Street, in Aurora, Illinois.
1945: Nathan “Nat” Shorr (Bob Shapiro’s brother-in-law and the father of Ken and Bob Shorr) became a partner in the company.
The 1950s and 1960s were a time of accelerated growth and change for the company.

1950s: Nathan Shorr’s sons, Ken and Bob, joined the company.
1954: Nathan Shorr bought out the company interests of Bob Shapiro and became the principal owner.
1956: Bob Shapiro passed away.
1957: The company name was changed to Shorr Paper Products, Inc. to more accurately reflect the changing nature of the business.
1965: Shorr Paper Products bought the Hanchett Paper Company,and combined the operation into one company in Aurora, diversified into new lines, including retail and industrial packaging.
1968: Nathan Shorr passed away. Ken and Bob Shorr assumed leadership of the company.
1969: Shorr Paper Products moved from its small, 35,000 sq. ft. building on North LaSalle Street in Aurora, to the much larger facility (formerly of Columbia Ribbon and Carbon Mfg. Co.) at 227 South River Street in Aurora, Illinois.
The company further diversified the business by opening an office furniture division and acquiring the Odman Corporation, a Chicago-based manufacturer and distributor of corrugated cartons.

1970s:The Shorrs decided to focus the business on industrial packaging, anticipating that specialization would become a key to success in an increasingly complex marketplace.

The Odman Corporation was incorporated into Shorr Paper Products.
1973: An expansion of the 227 South River Street location added 20,000 square feet of warehouse space.
1976: Shorr Paper Products purchased a 73,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant at 1000 Rathbone Ave. in Aurora to house the expanding paper converting operation.
1978: A branch warehouse was opened in Milan, Illinois.
During the next two decades, the company experienced explosive growth through geographic expansion, sales in ground-breaking automatic box sealing equipment, new telemarketing efforts, plus the highly-successful paper converting operation. Senior sales representative, Al Richmond, retired during this period—after 65 years of dedicated company service.

1979: The Milan warehouse was closed and replaced with leased space in Marshalltown, Iowa.

A branch warehouse with leased space was opened in Brownsville, Texas.
1980: A new sales office was opened in the Hancock Center at 875 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.
1982: The Brownsville, Texas warehouse was closed.

The company began stocking and selling 3M-Matic case sealers.

A 20,000 sq. ft. warehouse branch was opened at 208 Leo Street, Marshalltown, Iowa.
1984: Shorr Paper Products became an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) Company.
1985: Instituted the Albert M. Richmond Achievement Award to recognize account executives for outstanding new business results.
1986: Established the Dean’s List Award to recognize top account executives. The award was named in honor of Larry Dean, the company’s most consistently productive salesperson, who embodied the characteristics essential to a successful sales career.
1987: The downtown Chicago sales office moved to Oak Brook, Illinois.
1988: The company was renamed Hanchett Paper Co., operating under the trade names Shorr Paper Products (a distributor) and Odman Corporation (a paper converter and jobber distributor). This change reflected the company’s singular business focus to industrial packaging distribution.
Opened a new branch in 7,200 sq. ft. of leased space at 9715 Kincaid, Street, Suite 140C, Fishers, Indiana.

1991: Consolidated the Oak Brook and South River St. offices and moved Shorr Paper Products into a new 120,000 sq. ft. headquarters and warehouse facility at 800 N. Commerce Street, Aurora, Illinois.
1993: Shorr Paper’s Indiana branch was moved to 19,920 sq. ft. of space at 8700 Roberts Drive, Suite 100, Fishers, Indiana.
1994: The Odman Corporation moved into a new 138,000 sq. ft. converting plant at 1105 S. Frontenac in Aurora, Illinois.
1995: The Iowa branch of Shorr Paper Products opened a sales office at 9100 F Street in Omaha, Nebraska.
1996: Shorr Paper’s Indiana branch added an additional 23,962 square feet of space by also leasing Suite 200 at the same Fishers location on Roberts Drive.

The Packaging Automation Group—focusing on the sale and support of packaging equipment, parts and service—was formed.

Brad and David Shorr, Ken’s sons, were named vice presidents.
Shorr Paper Products continued to expand by incorporating flexible packaging products into its business model. Darrel Hutton was instrumental in pioneering this innovative “Product Mix” endeavor.

1998: Closed operations in Marshalltown, Iowa and relocated that branch into a new 56,000 sq. ft. facility at 2401 S.E. Creekview Dr., Ankeny, Iowa.

Shorr Paper Products began doing business under the newly established trade name of Shorr Packaging Corp. to more accurately reflect the nature of the business.

The company website ( was launched.
1999: Bob Shorr retired and sold his stock to the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), making the employees the majority owners of the Company.
2001: The Odman Corporation was closed.

David Shorr was named President of Shorr Packaging Corp. on July 1, 2001.
2002: A new branch facility was opened in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The former Odman Corporation building on Frontenac Street in Aurora was sold.
2003: Ken Shorr celebrated 50 years of dedication and service to the company on June 12, 2003.
2004: The Indiana branch moved into a new 57,800 sq. ft. building at 9901 Kincaid Dr, Fishers, Indiana.

The Hutton Eagle Award was established in honor of Darrel Hutton for his diligence and success in training new sales representatives.
2010: Opened a branch facility in Nashville, Tennessee.

Launched the new Shorr eCommerce website:

Ken Shorr passed away on December 12, 2010.
2012: In December of 2012, the Company became 100% ESOP owned and converted to an S-Corp.
Shorr Packaging Corp maintains its philosophy of “listening to the customer” and continues to grow to better serve each of our customers on a national level.

2014: Craig Funkhouser named President and COO, October 1, 2014.

Shorr opens a sales office at 100 Hartsfield Centre Parkway, Atlanta, Georgia.

Consolidated multiple Los Angeles 3PL operations into a warehouse and offices at 13112 Santa Anna Avenue in Fontana, California.

An updated website ( was launched.
2015: Named “Company of the Year” by the Illinois Chapter of the ESOP Association.

Shorr Packaging selects and celebrates the new corporate headquarters location with a groundbreaking ceremony.

The Company acquires The Mack Paper Company in Rockford, Illinois.
2016: Consolidated the sales office in Atlanta, Georgia with two 3PL locations into a combined office/warehouse facility at 3515 Naturally Fresh Blvd.

The Corporate headquarters and warehouse at 800 N. Commerce St. in Aurora, Illinois are sold and the company consolidates five locations in Northern Illinois into a newly constructed facility at 4000 Ferry Road, Aurora.

Ribbon-cutting ceremony is commemorated with Bob Shorr (Retired President), David Shorr (CEO), Craig Funkhouser (President and COO) and a number of local dignitaries and officials.

Shorr opens regional headquarters in Dallas, Texas with a new distribution and warehouse facility.

The company expands its footprint in Los Angeles, Indianapolis, and Des Moines.

While our company has flourished through several different eras of industry changes, we continue to work diligently towards further growth and prosperity.

Our long history is quite an achievement and one that couldn't have happened without the trust and support of our customers. We truly appreciate your business and look forward to serving you for many years to come.

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