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Lantech Cs-300 Automatic Case Sealer


The Lantech CS-300 automatic case sealer is safe and easy to operate. With its reliable performance, no fine tuning is required.

Rapid adjustment makes the CS-300 easy to use for a wide range of the most common sizes of cases, all different types of flutes included. The Lantech box taper operation has a fully guarded folding area and provides a controlled return stroke of the flap folder.

This case sealer requires no periodic lubrication and with the history of its long life drive belts, accurate drives and simplified changeovers, it requires no scheduled maintenance.

Additional options include: choice of tape, extra guiding, fixed side justification, “low tape” detection, “broken tape” and “tape empty” signals, choice of color and a signal beacon.

Machine Features:

  • Continuous motion operation
  • Seals most common cases – all types of flutes
  • Rapid adjustment for different case sizes
  • Controlled case transport
  • Pre-folding short flaps
  • Easy tape change and case removal
  • Linear hand-wheel adjustments with digital indicators
  • Extra grip via the horizontal profile on the side belts
  • Innovative construction of drive belts simplifies changeovers
  • Double preformed slide unit
  • Fully guarded folding area
  • Controlled return stroke of the flap folder
  • No periodic lubrication necessary.
  • No scheduled maintenance

Additional Options:

  • Choice of tape
  • Extra guiding
  • Fixed side justification
  • “Low Tape” detection
  • “Broken tape” and “tape empty” signal
  • Choice of color
  • Signal beacon


  • Throughput Speed: Up to 30 cases per minute (depending on case dimensions)
  • Case Size Minimum (Outside Dimensions): 7 7/8″ L x 4 3/4″ W x 4 3/4″ H
  • Case Size Maximum (Outside Dimensions): 25 5/8″ L x 20 1/8″ W x 23 5/8″ H

Bottom Seal:

  • Tape: Lantech TH-Series

Service Requirements:

  • Air Supply: 6 Bar (80 Psi)
  • Dedicated Electric Service Req. US: 230V, 3-ph, 60 Hz, Wye w/Ground

Machine Data:

  • Weight: 716 lbs
  • Dimensions: 72 L x 35 3/10 W x 70 7/8″ H


  • Warranty Duration: 3 years Unlimited cycles

Available Options:

  • Communication: Various communication configurations possible.
  • Exit Height Extension: The exit height can be extended.
  • Tape Head Storage Bracket: Holds additional tape head.
  • Beacon: Colored lights indicate the status of the machine, blanks supply, and tape or hot melt supply.
  • Acoustic Signal: An alarm sounds to indicate the presence of a fault condition.
  • Portabilty: Welded steel frame and heavy duty locking casters provide easy maneuverability.
  • Separation Module with Infeed Guiding: Separation cylinders on the infeed to ensure a gap of min 13 4/5″ between cases.
  • Detection: Colored lights indicate the status of the machine, blanks supply, and tape or hot melt supply.

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