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Pregis Airspeed Smart Void Fill System

The Pregis AirSpeed Smart void fill system is engineered for durability and low maintenance. This high performance film is turned into light-weight, not abrasive cushioning and works great for compact or workstation packing processes.

By providing a portable and durable “on-demand” solution, the AirSpeed Smart can be placed in a wide variety of locations – from a warehouse work station or a smaller mail room. This single system can produce void fill cushions in both custom lengths and air fill levels.

This machine is perfect for a wide variety of markets, including book publishers, ecommerce retailers, industrial, medical and dental, pharmaceutical, shipping stores, and more. In addition, other areas such as, aerospace, automotive, collectibles, computers, cosmetics, electronics, glass products, housewares and party supplies also find the AirSpeed Smart to be a valuable part of their packaging solution.

Pregis inflatable air pillows take up less space and are cleaner than loose-fill peanuts. With its high quality, great air retention, and puncture resistant film, it yields up to 20% more than other competitors. To be environmentally conscious, the AirSpeed Smart offers many film options made from low density polyethylene (LDPE). Sustainable options include a bio-additive to help accelerate breakdown and are often recyclable (category #4).

Pregis AirSpeed Smart Features:

  • Small, flexible footprint, weighing around 26 lbs
  • Easy to operate, load machine, start and stop
  • Reliable, engineered for durability and low maintenance
  • Versatile, produces inflated cushions of varying lengths and air fill levels
  • Very quiet, perfect for small or decentralized work stations
  • Can maximize productivity by integrating with a Smart accessory

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