Lantech Q-300xt Simple Automation Stretch Wrapper

The Lantech® Q-300XT stretch wrapping system delivers simple automation in a semi-automatic environment. Its automatic film cut and clamp system keeps the operator on the fork truck, thus increasing overall productivity. Designed for applications wrapping up to 40 loads per hour, the Q-300XT is an ideal choice for almost any industrial setting.

Boost the Q-300XT’s performance by adding options such as Pallet Grip® for locking loads to the pallet; an EZ Weigh Integrated Scale® for accurate weighing up to 5000 lbs.; or the Click-n-Go Remote Control® kit, making Simple Automation even easier to start and use.

The Q-300XT comes complete with Lantech’s industry-leading 5-year, comprehensive warranty—ensuring long-lasting, reliable service.

Lantech® Q-300XT Features:

  • Simple Automation™ process
  • XT Cut and Clamp® minimizes operator involvement
  • Fully protected system reduces risk of injuries
  • Industry leading 5-year, unlimited-cycle warranty

Lantech® Q-300XT Specifications:

  • Peak Production Speed: Up to 30-40 loads/hr.
  • Maximum Load Size Diagonal: 83″
  • Maximum Load Wrap Height: 80″
  • Maximum Load Weight: 4000 lbs.
  • Turntable Speed (Variable): 12 RPM
  • Turntable Size: 65″ Diameter
  • Turntable Drive 3/4 HP TEFC
  • XT Cut and Clamp®: Standard
  • Auto Film Cut-off™: Not available
  • Pallet Grip®: Optional
  • Intelli-Sensor: Standard
  • Standard Film Width: 20″
  • EZ Thread Roll Carriage: Standard
  • Standard Pre-Stretch: 200%
  • Wrapping Force : Variable (Electric)
  • Film Capacity: 10″ Roll Diameter
  • Film Delivery System: Power Roller-Stretch Plus
  • EZ Weigh™ Integrated Scale: Optional
  • Approximate Shipping Weight: 1700 lbs.
  • Pneumatic: Not available
  • Dedicated Electric Service Required: 120 VAC, 20 AMP
  • Warranty: 5 Year. Unlimited cycles. No exclusions

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