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Lantech Ql-400xt Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper

The NEW QL-400XT semi-automatic stretch wrapping system is the first intelligent, intuitive and instructional stretch wrapper. Also part of the LeanWrap series, it produces safe-to-ship profiles for quick and easy load configuration.

With this Lantech stretch wrapper, the Load Guardian minimizes the need for users to physically interact with the machine by providing an intelligent control system with interactive, responsive applications that simplify the process. Data allows for visual and downloadable performance information and the system settings can be easily and quickly customized with smart phone.

Standard Performance Package includes: the Pallet Grip, Patented XT Cut and Clamp, Power Roller Stretch Plus, the Nema Type 1 Enclosure UL Rated, 5,000 lb Weight Capacity and the 1 HP Turntable Drive Motor. Options for the EZ Weigh integrated scale to allow for easy “weigh and wrap” in a single step can be added. Or increase productivity further by upgrading the QL-400XT with the “Click-n-Go”, which can allow your operators to stretch wrap at the touch of a button.

Machine care is easy – No scheduled preventative maintenance is required. Simple diagnostics and fault tracking make it easy to see any problematic areas.

Standard Performance Package:

  • Pallet Grip – Keeps your loads from sliding off pallets during shipment.
  • Patented XT Cut and Clamp – Automatically captures the stretch film and cuts it at the end of the wrap cycle.
  • Power Roller Stretch Plus – Maximizes film delivery system performance.
  • Nema Type 1 Enclosure UL Rated – Protects control system electronics from dust, dirt or moisture.
  • 5,000 lb Weight Capacity and 1 HP Turntable Drive Motor.
  • No Scheduled Preventative Maintenance.


  • EZ Weigh Integrated Scale – Weigh and wrap in one easy step!


  • Click-n-Go – Stretch wrapping loads at the touch of a button. Eliminates requirement to install a ceiling-mounted lanyard. Each unit can handle up to 3 machines with 5 load profiles per machine.


  • Peak Production Speed: Up to 25-35 loads/hr
  • Turntable Speed (Variable): 12 RPM
  • Turntable Drive: 1 HP TEFC

Load Handling:

  • Turntable Size: 65” Diameter
  • Maximum Load Diagonal / Dimensions: 72” recommended*
  • Maximum Load Height: 80”
  • Maximum Load Weight: 5000 lbs.

Film Delivery System:

  • Film Delivery System: Power Roller-Stretch PLUS
  • Standard Pre-Stretch: 250%
  • E-Z Thread Roll Carriage: Standard
  • Wrapping Force: Variable (Electric)
  • Film Capacity: 10” Roll Diameter
  • Standard Film Width: 20”
  • Laser Height Sensor: Standard
  • Auto Film Cut-off: Standard
  • Pallet Grip: Standard

Service Requirements:

  • Electric: 120VAC, 20A
  • Pneumatic: N/A
  • NEMA Type 1 UL Rated: Standard
  • Wrap Cycle Pause: Standard
  • One Way Wrap: Standard
  • Service Support: 24 Hrs/7 Days a week
  • Phone Number: 800-866-0322
  • Warranty: 5 years, unlimited cycles

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Our packaging automation specialists offer complete support for equipment selection, integration, installation, training, maintenance, 24/7 emergency service and parts procurement.

All of Shorr’s service technicians are factory certified and dedicated to ensuring that your packaging equipment is always operating at peak performance.

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