Tape Dispensers for Packaging And Shipping

Shorr Packaging offers a selection of hand-held tape dispensers in styles designed specifically to make hand taping tasks easier and more efficient.

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Our light-duty tape dispensers provide ergonomic tape dispensing for a range of carton sealing, reinforcing and bundling tasks in a variety of packaging environments. For food, apparel, paper, fulfillment, personal care product and retail packaging environments, we recommend the Scotch® H190 Box Sealing 2″ Tape Dispenser.

Medium-duty tape dispensers offer strength and dependability for general shipping room, packaging and industrial applications. The Scotch® H180 Box Sealing 2″ Tape Dispenser is well suited for a wide range of food, beverage, industrial, ecommerce and distribution packaging environments.

Constructed of rugged materials for toughness and longevity, Shorr’s heavy-duty tape dispensers are made to meet high-demand packaging and productivity requirements. For these applications, we recommend the Scotch® H183 Box Sealing 3″ Tape Dispenser.

We also offer our private label brand of hand held ShorrExpress® tape dispensers. These quality tape dispensers can accommodate 2″ and 3″ wide rolls of hand grade packing tape—choose the size that best fits your needs.

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