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Carton Sealing Tapes

Shorr Packaging represents the best carton sealing tape manufacturers in the industry. We offer a large range of solutions to meet a wide variety of consumer and industrial needs.

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Pressure sensitive carton sealing tapes are available in a large assortment of styles, sizes and brands to meet a wide variety of consumer and industrial needs, with a choice of economy, industrial or high-performance tapes in both machine and hand-held lengths.

Water-activated or "gummed" paper tape is used primarily for sealing corrugated cartons, also working well on recycled cartons and uneven loads. By moistening tape before application, the adhesive improves security by adding an aggressive, permanent seal and strength to the package.

Message tapes convey specific directions or warnings for sealed cartons. Messages may communicate instructions for proper handling or important information about carton contents, e.g. "Fragile" or "Packing List Enclosed."

Freezer tape is specially designed to perform well in cold packaging and processing environments. The quick adhesion and durability of this tape makes it ideal for a wide range of moving and storage applications.

Tamper evident tape is designed to provide extra security and help identify when a carton has been opened and resealed. Many tapes feature a printed message, unique lines or patterns, or color carton sealing tape to help alert the recipient to check the seal before accepting the carton.

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