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Prime member or not, everyone is in awe of Amazon’s wild expansion and constant innovation. In recent years, Amazon has leapt off web pages and entrenched itself in the world around us, from lockers to food delivery to Whole Foods to bookstores!

As Amazon continues to build its empire, which parts of the country benefit most? After extensive analysis, we’ve figured it out! If you love Amazon, and all it has to offer, these 25 cities are the primest of prime locations.

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Boasting 189 Prime Now Restaurants, and 4 Whole Foods, Las Vegas ranks 25 on our list. Vegas also has a Prime Hub, which saves residents the shopping trip: these facilities deliver household items to your doorstep within a couple of hours — for FREE. For Primers, Vegas has never been so winning.

No doorman? No problem. Prime Members can pick up packages at Prime Locker locations anytime. These lockers are a hit across our top-ranked cities, most remarkably in the San Francisco Bay Area, which hosts over 50 such lockers: undoubtedly some of the most affordable real estate in San Fran.

Our Top 25 cities span time zones and coasts. Midwestern cities Indianapolis and Cincinnati come in at 19 and 21 respectively, both boasting Prime Hubs, Kohls, and Whole Foods. Pop-up stores have made their way West to the malls of Denver. Minneapolis St. Paul is the 11th best city for Prime-lovers, and even has 2-hour alcohol delivery for freezing nights. Coastal cities also benefit from prime access: Boston ranks number 18, Washington DC is 14, Baltimore comes in at 12, Seattle and Portland are in the Top 10.

In the Top 5, we have some of America’s most populous cities, with Phoenix hitting an impressive distribution metric of 1.16 square feet of warehouse space per capita. In Phoenix, there’s enough Prime facilities to hold loot for every man, woman and Suns fan.

Coming in at number 1 for most Prime-friendly city is Los Angeles, which is no small feat considering the city spans 502 miles. The City of Angels has over one thousand Prime restaurants, 20 lockers, 44 Kohls and 10 Whole Foods. It also enjoys 2-hour alcohol delivery. These are valued services for a city with arguably the worst traffic in country.

Angelinos will also soon benefit from Amazon Go Grocers in late 2018, where they will presumably be able to buy their beloved green smoothies, check-out free.