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Shorr Packaging Corp. has introduced a new palletizing solution that works within a variety of different industries. This collaborative robot palletizing solution, engineered by our automation design team, can stack products onto pallets up to 108” in height. The solution greatly reduces the risk of costly injuries by completely eliminating the need for warehouse employees to exert physical stress on their bodies through bending, lifting, reaching and twisting motions. This solution fully replaces human palletizing and does the lifting for you.

Injuries that are the direct result of stacking pallets are ranked as some of the most common serious injuries in the warehouse environment. These injuries can result in loss of employees, costly insurance claims and more down-time. While stacking pallets is one of the worst jobs in the warehouse and no one wants to do it, it is a necessary part of the warehousing process. The palletizing robot is an ideal solution for improving the safety and effectiveness of your pallet stacking process. This solution is equipped to work continuously, without breaks or vacation time, improving efficiency and lead times.

The palletizing robot is designed to lift up to a seven-pound package and stack up to 6.5 packs per minute. It is ideal for handling product pallets in the intra-logistics area with the help of pneumatic vacuum generation. The set contains all the components required to set up a complete gripper while enabling simple assembly and commissioning. Thanks to the software platform, the gripper can be perfectly adapted to fulfill your individual needs. The universal robot arm is equipped with clamps to ensure that your electric lines are organized and secure. The Quick Changer feature allows for fast and easy tool changing in less than five seconds, resulting in faster re-deployment and more up-time. This product solution also includes Pendant Armor, a simple, yet highly effective silicone-free rubber frame that protects your pendant and touch-sensitive screen protectors that are shipped pre-cut to match your exact screen size. The design is also mobile so you can move the palletizer to multiple areas within the plant.

This compact, user-friendly palletizing machine solution also meets all safety standards and requirements. The co-bot is built to include 32 safety area patterns. The presence detection feature detects humans or objects entering the hazardous area and intrusion detection detects access into the critical zone. This is done with reference boundary monitoring that detects the gaps around the protection zone and sensor’s misalignment. Even complicated zones are easy to configure with the user-friendly interface. Zones can be configured with three different methods by simultaneously viewing the measurement data.

This all-in-one platform features machine monitoring, visibility into the entire cell process, notifications and reports, automatic and manual backups, and remote-control capabilities. While this set up would typically be seen at the end of an assembly line, it has the versatility to be used for many other tasks at earlier points in the process. Training is flexible, secure, and only takes minutes to set up at a fraction of the cost of developing a DIY solution.

Shorr’s palletizing robot solution was pre-engineered with universal components that are compatible with almost any warehouse environment. This includes segments like the warehousing and logistics industrycontract packaging industryfood and beverage industryeCommerce industry and more. Due to this product’s universal capabilities, we offer assembly, installation, and training to customers in a timely and cost-effective manner. 

Shorr’s packaging automation design team will support your company’s safety and efficiency initiatives during this challenging time. Bring us your challenges and operational goals. We’ll work with you to implement a palletizing machine solution that improves your workflow and improves your warehouse environment.

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