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Sustainability Tools

COMPASS® Lifecycle Analysis Tool​

Let Shorr help you calculate the environmental impact of product damages by completing the form below. Shorr will incorporate environmental performance criteria into the concept development and material selection steps of packaging design.

Cut and Weight Tool

The goal of the Cut and Weight Tool is to optimize equipment and film usage and secure load containment, all while reducing plastic use and the overall environmental footprint. A Cut and Weight analysis consists of three main measurements:

    • Total Stretch Applied to the load
    • Force to Load 
    • Cut and Weigh

The metric of Total Stretch Applied to the load indicates how much the machine stretches the film from its original length.

Force to Load measures how tight the film is holding the load together.

Lastly, to determine Cut and Weigh the packaging specialist cuts off the film and weighs how much is used for the application. The lower the weight, the less film is used, the greener the solution,

Shorr’s STAMP program delivers value through three interrelated central components that together can rapidly transform your business’s approach to packaging:

  • comprehensive, detailed review of your business’s packaging production process
  • An innovative framework for identifying and managing packaging costs
  • Implementation of solutions to achieve operational improvements within weeks

Our team of automation, logistics and procurement specialists will work in tandem with your employees to focus on five critical areas:

  • Packaging automation: New systems and equipment upgrades result in increased throughput, reduced labor costs, fewer errors, less downtime and improved package integrity.
  • Inventory management: Shorr’s customized, just-in-time replenishment program offers packaging logistics solutions that minimize carrying costs, maximize turns and enhance operational flexibility.
  • Material handling: An assessment of end-to-end material flow and storage systems pinpoints substantial opportunities for streamlining, improved utilization of space and improved safety.
  • Packaging materials: Selecting the right product for each application eliminates hidden costs associated with improper materials, product breakage, excessive labor and dissatisfied customers.
  • Procurement: Analysis of the procurement process can lead to transformative solutions, such as Shorr’s customized online order entry and analytical tools.

With years of experience delivering industry-leading results, Shorr will help you find innovative ways to improve all aspects of your packaging process. The result: reduced costs and improved efficiencies that will set your business up for continued success.