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Bagging systems are used to mechanically insert and seal products inside a flexible material bag or pouch. By incorporating an automatic bagging machine into your packaging operations, your company can benefit from increased production and consistency, reduced workstations, reduced labor costs, greater accuracy, and product safety.

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Shorr is proud to feature Baggers and Bagging Systems from these brands.

We leverage our purchasing power and strategic relationships with leading suppliers of top-grade protective packaging to ensure our customers receive high-quality products at the best prices.

Shorr Packaging is proud to partner with Sharp Packaging Systems to bring our customers reliable, innovative bagging equipment. Known for their commitment to quality, innovation, and integrity, Sharp focuses on engineering their products so that users can increase their productivity in an efficient manner. These bagging systems can be used to packaging a wide range of products, including printed materials, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, fresh and frozen foods, hardware, mail order items, and more.

Choosing Your Bagging Machine

We offer both semi-automatic and automatic bagging machines. Which one you choose will depend on your packaging goals, your bagging environment, and your bag styles and sizes. The ability to adjust the bag size to conform to different products will streamline your process line and create more effective packages.

For example, the Sharp SX Semi-Automatic Bagger can be set up quickly in a variety of bagging environments and uses all-electric functionality to decrease on maintenance needs. Meanwhile, the Sharp MAX 12” and 20” Bagging Systems adjust vertically to accommodate a wide variety of bag styles and sizes, and they use roll bagging systems with advanced technology to feed, open, load and seal up to 50 bags per minute.

Or, the Sharp Max Plus Automatic Bagger uses Sharp’s “First Bag Out” printing capabilities, which eliminates bag and ribbon waste by locating the printer at the point of packaging. It also simplifies operation and maintenance tasks, which further decreases set-up times.

Installing Your Bagging Equipment

Our bagging systems can be installed in a variety of production environments, and our bagging machines and optional integrated components are available in various sizes and capacity configurations to accommodate your company’s unique packaging requirements.

Shorr’s professional technicians have years of experience with bagging systems, and when you need to install your bagging equipment, our factory-trained, certified technicians offer full support so that you can install your bagging equipment safely and efficiently. In addition to equipment we offer a full line of bags and flexible packaging to fit the needs of your business

Bagging systems, when utilized effectively, can lower your labor costs as well as your operating expenses. For more information about choosing and installing the right bagging system for your needs, contact Shorr today.

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