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Sharp Sx Go Tabletop Bagging System


The Sharp SX GO Bagger is a simple to use compact, tabletop system that allows users to bag small to large products quickly and easily. With a wider, larger jaw, the SX GO machine provides a simple means to label, address, open and fill bags. It can fit bags up to 18 inches wide, which is 7 inches larger than the original SX. Equipment can be added into existing workstations or integrated into compact areas where large floor models aren’t feasible.

With it’s all electric design and new technological features, the SX GO tabletop utilizes advanced bag opening fingers and a mechanical, automatic adjusting seal flattener, providing a superb, professional closure every time. For ease of use, the SX GO system uses a clamshell design for bag threading and an adjustable load shelf for loading bulky or heavy products.

This SX GO bagger comes equip with a much more efficient printing function, capable of managing both long and short production runs. With 4 inch wide print head and a larger area, this printer produces customized, clearly printed labels every time.

Maintenance is straightforward and simple with fewer moving parts that are easily replaced (off-the-shelf) with a significantly lower cost, than machines that require proprietary replacement parts. The on-board PLC helps provide increased dependability; and automatic self-diagnostics help to detect and correct issues faster.

Sharp® SX GO – Easy to Use:

  • Powered by a standard electrical outlet
  • Advanced bag open fingers, easy open and easy to fill
  • Mechanical seal flattener, delivers professional seal
  • Seal flatteners adjust automatically, no user input required
  • Automatic pass-through adjustment, uses touchscreen – no tools required
  • Adjustable load shelf, provides easy loading of bulky or heavy products
  • Clamshell design, easier to thread the bags

Sharp® SX GO – Maintenance Is Simple:

  • Less maintenance, fewer moving parts
  • Identifies and correct problems quickly, automatically self diagnostics
  • Off-the-shelf parts are easily replaced and cost significantly less
  • Teflon tape is easier and less expensive to replace
  • On-board PLC for greater reliability in machine function

Sharp® SX GO – More Efficient Printing:

  • Custom labels print clearly the first time
  • Capable of printing long and short production runs
  • 4″ wide print head for a larger print area
  • Fast, easy thermal ribbon changes
  • Electronic ribbon sensor prevents wasted ribbon.
  • Viewing window allows visibility to see remaining ribbon on roll

Sharp® SX GO – Machine Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 30″ wide, 34.5″ deep, 24″ high
  • Weight: 250 lb
  • Air: No air line required
  • Power: 110 AC 10 amp

Sharp® SX GO – Packaging Specifications: *

  • Minimum Bag: Width 2″
  • Maximum Bag: Width 18″
  • Minimum Bag: Length 3.5″
  • Maximum Bag: Length 40″
  • Film Gauge Range: 1 – 4 mil
  • Bag Type: Rolls or folded in box
  • Speed: 35 bags/min

Sharp® SX GO – E-Z Bag Styles:

  • General Purpose LDPE
  • Xtreme Poly (XP)
  • Ultra
  • HD Mailer
  • SPHD High Density Polyethylene
  • Polypropylene
  • Sharp’s Military Specification Film
  • Gamma Patient
  • Metalized Barrier Film
  • Electric Static Discharge (ESD)
  • Modified Atmospheric Packaging (MAP)
  • Non-Scratch Film
  • E-Z Stat™ (Anti-Static)
  • Vapor Corrosive Inhibitor (VCI)

Sharp® SX GO – Printer Module Specs (Datamax A-4212 Mark II):

Printing Capabilities:

  • Full downloadable font support to Windows® TrueType®, including multiple languages and Unicode support
  • Fixed, variable, and merged text fields
  • Flexible date/time formats
  • Flexible shift code formats
  • Scalable text and text blocks
  • Auto best before date calculations and concession management
  • Auto incrementing/decrementing text, counters, and bar codes
  • Multiple graphic formats supported, up to maximum print area
  • Link fields to databases

Print Method: Thermal transfer, directly onto surface of bag
Print Speeds: 12″/second (304 mm/sec)
Print Resolution: 203/300 dpi
Print Width: Up to 4″
Operator Interface: Allen-Bradley 4.3″ wide color touchscreen
Allen-Bradley Micro850 PLC
Printer HMI: Standard Datamax MKII
Power Supply: 115 VAC, 200W, 50/60Hz


*Material, gauge, and size of package, along with weight and size of product, will cause specifications to vary

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