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Sharp Sx Table Top Semi-Automatic Bagging Machine


The Sharp® SX™ is a full-featured semi-automatic bagger that loads, prints and seals up to 35 bags per minute.

This portable, table-top machine offers quick set-up in a variety of bagging environments. A full-color, backlit control panel provides easy monitoring of processes.

The SX™ bagger is equipped with a cross flow fan, which directs high-volume, low-pressure air for precise bag opening—no compressed air required. The integrated pivoting head gives you the option of printing unique information on each bag, providing the flexibility for different size production runs.

All-electric functionality means fewer moving parts—and less maintenance—to keep your bagging operation running smoothly.

Sharp® SX™ Features:

  • 35 Bags per Minute
  • Color Touchscreen Control Panel
  • Self-diagnostic Troubleshooting
  • Touch Screen Commands
  • Prints First Bag Out
  • Variable Printing on Each Bag
  • 6″-wide Printhead
  • Electronic Ribbon Supply Sensor
  • Simple Ribbon Changes
  • Auto-Rol™ Bag Tension System
  • 90° Rotation Adjustment for Horizontal Loading
  • High-Volume, Low-Pressure Ducted Air Flow

Optional Features:

  • Adjustable Load Shelf for Bulky or Heavy Items

Sharp® SX™ Packaging Specifications:

  • Bag Width: 2″ – 9″
  • Bag Length: 4″ – 32″
  • Film Gauge: 1 mil (25 mic) – 4 mil (100 mic)
  • Roll Diameter: 10″

Sharp® SX™ Machine Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 26.75″ (W) x 19″ (H) x 35.25″ (D)
  • Weight: 200 lbs.
  • Power: 110 vac, 10 Amps
  • Operating Temperature: 32° – 140° F
  • Humidity: 10% – 90% RH
  • Rate: 35 BPM

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